"The Retailer Advantage"

Our goal at PPE is to provide our customers with an easy to manage point of purchase sales for propane cylinder exchange, as well as cylinder replacement sales. By choosing Pinnacle Propane Express as your propane cylinder exchange marketer you will be enhancing your sales through “The Retailer Advantage.”

  • Dependable Service - Our drivers are committed to only delivering and servicing our propane cylinder exchange customers. PPE provides automatic delivery service and is dedicated to servicing our customers year-round, even during the busy seasons of the year.
  • Quality Product - All of our cylinders are refurbished and processed to insure that we provide our customers a quality and safe product for sale.
  • Full Service Company – PPE is truly a full service company. We provide the installation of the cabinet and can assist our customers with any local/state licensing requirements.

Our sales and marketing staff are available to assist with any sales training or promotions. Our production facilities insure that we provide a quality product.

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